Big-box retailer Best Buy may soon begin price-matching with the Internet

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We have yet to see the official confirmation coming from Best Buy, however it is being reported that big-box retailer Best Buy is going to begin playing hardball with the Internet this coming holiday season. The details are coming by way of the Wall Street Journal who are reporting based on word from a “person familiar with the matter.” The price matching will be a part of the fight over what is being called “showrooming” where those visiting Best Buy are simply walking the aisles to see a product in person with plans to buy the item online — often for a better price. Anyway, while a Best Buy spokesperson has recently played down the showrooming claims, it looks like those visiting a Best Buy may soon get price-matching. This is said to be going into effect during the upcoming holiday shopping season. Bottom line, it looks like Best Buy will soon begin honoring the prices of online retailers such as

Via [WSJ] and [Gizmodo]

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