What is the best smartphone to buy RIGHT now?

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Here we have the latest theme post for TechnologyTell. This week we are covering ‘best of’ topics and given I often write about, and I am often asked about smartphones — I figured that would be a good topic to cover. But then I got to thinking. And well, I am not so sure there is an easy answer. So on that note, while this is a ‘best of’ titled post, I am not sure I can, or even should give a definitive answer. You see, smartphones are a personal thing and while they all generally do the same things — people have different use cases and that can mean a yes or no on a particular handset.

Anyway, some may think I am taking the easy way out with that answer. And to a degree, that is something I will agree with, I am. Just to use myself as an example — I really like the Galaxy S III and I am planning to get a Galaxy Note II (when it finally comes available with Verizon), however my daily and most used phone remains the iPhone 4S. I have a rather specific use case, I run daily and I take my phone with me. That makes me not want to use anything bigger as the iPhone 4S size is really nice in hand. It works for me.

I am also a specific use case in that I write about mobile tech and can justify having two active smartphones. Hence having an iPhone 4S and plans to get a Galaxy Note II. But if I did have to limit myself to just one, it would be iOS, the iPhone 4S at the moment. The reasoning here, while many of the Android phones are really nice, they are often bigger and that is something not right for me. To make that clear — not right for me. Again, choosing a smartphone is a personal thing.

Otherwise, as for making a best of smartphone suggestion for someone — I could not at the moment justify anything BlackBerry or Windows Phone. Or if you want a Windows Phone, wait till Windows Phone 8 is out. And just to touch on the ‘should I wait to get something’ question. In short, no. This is because there will always be something better. The one catch, if you want an iPhone, that could turn to a yes depending on the time of year.

Bottom line at the moment, I would suggest the iPhone or something Android, but would first ask where and how they plan to use their phone. As opposed to what they want it to do, because well, lets face it — Android and iOS apps are pretty close now.

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