The United States Postal Service will test its own same-day delivery service

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As demand for same-day delivery services heats up, the U.S. Postal Service has decided not to sit back and miss out on potential revenue it desperately needs. On Friday, USPS publicly released plans to start a new service called Metro Post. Metro Post will begin testing in an undisclosed metropolitan area around November 12, 2012.

USPS is partnering with online retailers and their “associated retailers” for Metro Post. USPS will partner with no more than 10 retailers for this service. Each of those partners needs to have at least 10 physical retail locations across the country, and at least one of those locations has to be in the area in which Metro Post is being tested. During the test, only 200 packages will be delivered on a given day. Pricing plans have not been made public.

Customers in the test will have to make their purchases before 2-3pm in order to qualify for same-day delivery. Deliveries will be made between 4-8pm. They’ll have to purchase items online, at a partnered retail outlet, or from a “qualified e-commerce platform.”

Since this is only a test, Metro Post isn’t planned to continue for more than a year. If the test is successful, USPS will extend the duration of Metro Post.

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