Nexus 7 dubbed the “highest selling Android tablet” by UK retailer Carphone Warehouse

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It looks like at least one UK retailer is sold on the 7-inch tablet form factor. That retailer is Carphone Warehouse and the tablet is the Nexus 7. In fact, a spokesperson recently noted that the Nexus 7 has become their highest selling Android tablet to date. In other words, Nexus 7 sales have already eclipsed others that have been on the market for longer. Some of the models that Carphone Warehouse offers includes the Samsung Galaxy Tan and Asus Transformer Prime, both of which were available in a 10-inch form factor. The company notes that there was “massive demand amongst our [their] customer base for smaller tablets.” Further stating that they are now seeing more customers using their tablets on-the-go, taking them on their morning commute and into coffee shops. Of course, while Carphone Warehouse seems to believe that a fair amount of these sales have come for the desire of a smaller (7-inch) tablet, we cannot help but wonder if any of those Nexus 7 buyers wanted another device but were put off because of the price and ‘settled’ for the Nexus 7. Either way though, one thing seems clear, Google did pretty well when they rolled out the Nexus 7.

Via [The Telegraph]

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