Nokia Lumia 822 rumored to launch with Verizon priced at $49.99

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We have seen images of the Verizon Wireless branded Nokia Lumia 822 leak in render and in-the-wild style images over the past week, and well, it looks like today brings a few more details. And yes, this latest includes a rumored price point — $49.99 on a two-year agreement. Other details include that the handset will have 16GB of internal storage along with a microSD card slot. Those were the good sounding bits. A tipster from WMPoweruser also noted that the Lumia 822 feels plasticky and also “very different” as compared to the Lumia 820.

Otherwise, the handset was confirmed to have wireless charging, voice dictation in email that works very well and as not being able to work with Windows 7. In fact, it was noted that “when connected to a Windows 7 PC the device is not recognized, and is not mounted as a removable drive. Zune also does not recognize it.” Bottom line here, the Lumia 822 with Verizon may not be as exciting as some had hoped for. Of course, time will tell just how well received this handset will be. After all, we suspect that many remain skeptical on Windows Phone.

Via [WMPoweruser]

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