Android 4.1.2 update begins appearing for GSM Galaxy Nexus users

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While we have yet to see a changelog, user reports are beginning to tell the story of the Galaxy Nexus getting updated to Android 4.1.2. Or more specifically, the GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus. And while one of the highlights of 4.1.2 update on the Nexus 7 was landscape on the home screen, that does not appear to have come to the Galaxy Nexus. Otherwise, according to The Verge, some users are reporting that expandable notifications can now be opened up with a single-finger scroll (as opposed to the previously required two-finger scroll). With that, if you happen to be sporting a Galaxy Nexus that is not running on Sprint or Verizon — grab you handset and check for an update.

Via [The Verge]

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