Path iOS app now lets you import Facebook, Instagram and Foursquare updates

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Still remember, or still using Path, that exclusive social networking app? If you do, be prepared to see cross-posting stuff from your Path friends as the app was just updated with this feature. Now in version 2.5.6, the Path iOS app now allows you to import your Facebook status updates, Instagram photos, and Foursquare check-ins. And that goes out to your friends too. So if you’re not into automatic cross-postings from one social networking site to another, prepare yourself to be annoyed if your friends are fond of doing that. Of course, this is understandable for Path to do since it somehow puts them into the social networking sphere. And admit it, whether you’re a die-hard Path user or not, you still use those social networking sites, right? So, instead of posting updates one by one, cross-posting comes pretty practical. But then of course, there are others who are not sold into the idea of cross-posting. So, they are better be prepared as Path brings this new feature. Anyway, speaking of features, the update also brings in the ability to write about, tag and share moments easier, quicker access to your photo library, better way to manage your profile and connections. And there’s also the usual rounds of bug fixes for the app.

Via [iTunes App Store]

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