Microsoft posts, then pulls the Surface with Windows RT pre-order listing

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Earlier this morning Microsoft listed the Surface tablet for pre-order. In fact, they have listed three configurations for the tablet. Unfortunately though, the listing did not remain available for long. We are not sure if anyone managed to get an order in. Or for that matter, what would have happened to those orders. And while we are hoping to see the pre-order availability return, we are happy to have gotten a look at the pricing for each configuration.

In short, Microsoft had the Surface with Windows RT listed for $499, $599 and $699. The breakdown for each of those price points is as follows;

  • $499 — 32GB without Black Touch Cover
  • $599 — 32GB with Black Touch Cover
  • $699 — 64GB with Black Touch Cover

And for those wondering, the Touch Cover is regularly priced at $119.99, which means that the $599 deal will save you a few bucks as compared to buying the tablet and cover individually. Of course, that is assuming you want the Touch Cover in black. The Touch Cover is also available in white, red, cyan and magenta. And finally, the listing also showed the Surface Type Cover as an added accessory and priced at $129.99.

That said, no word when this product listing will return, however given the original was touting a “delivery by 10/26″ we suspect it will be sooner rather than later.

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