GadgeTell goes retro: Relive the unboxing of a Palm Treo 650

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In keeping with the theme week posts we are doing here at TechnologyTell, we are going retro this week. And similar to previous weeks posts, the higher-ups gave the editors a topic and let them run wild. In my case, I am not sure they intended that anyone would make the readers suffer through an unboxing of a smartphone from many years ago — but that is just what I am doing.

Here we have one of the first sets of unboxing images that I ever did. It was a Palm Treo 650 with Verizon Wireless and was my introduction to smartphones. I am sure that many, if not all of the readers have a favorite device from years ago and I encourage you to hit the comments and share. Mine, mine was this — the Treo 650 running Palm OS. I did everything on this smartphone and loved it. In fact, I sort of wish I still had it. Not sure why, or what I would do with it, but it would be neat.

Anyway, these images were taken in May 2005 and I am not entirely sure if this was when the Treo 650 first came available with Verizon Wireless, or when I had an upgrade available. If I had to venture a guess though, this is when I had an available upgrade. Regardless though, one interesting tidbit here, I did these pictures just because, I was not even a gadget blogger yet. Just shows that I have now been a mobile geek complete dork for quite some time.

Finally, as an added bonus, look at the background of some of these images. You will see other goodies such as a Palm Zire 72 PDA (which replaced my Palm Zire 71), an early iPod, an original iPod Shuffle, a KVM switch and even a camera dock for the camera that took these very pictures — a Kodak LS443. So without any further adeiu, here are some Treo 650 unboxing images…

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