Amazon unveils Whispercast, should make it easier for schools and business to distribute Kindle content

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Amazon has officially unveiled their latest ‘Whisper’ related offering. Though, unlike Whispersync, this latest is not necessarily aimed at the individual user. Though, that is not to say they will not see any perks as a result. The new offering is called Whispercast and is intended to make it easier for a large organization to manage Kindle devices and distribute Kindle content. And by large organization, Amazon is referring to a business, or perhaps more key here — the education market.

“Your school or business can now extend the benefits of Kindle to its students, employees, or customers. Whether you’re looking to distribute literature for class or use Kindle for your corporate training or incentive program, Whispercast helps you reduce the administrative cost and complexity of sending Kindle content and managing your Kindles.”

That being said, Amazon notes that some of the Whispercast features include being able to centrally manage the devices, control how the Kindles are being used, block certain features such as the ability to reset and deregister the drive and protect the organizations information and provide internet access.

Via [Amazon] and [TechCrunch]

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