Tweet Lanes developer creates new Android launcher called Action Launcher

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We here at GadgeTell are pretty big fans of Tweet Lanes. I would go so far to say Tweet Lanes is my favorite Twitter app for Android. If you’ve followed the development of Tweet Lanes, you may have noticed how it has been lacking in updates lately. Come to find out, developer Chris Lacy was hard at work on another project called Action Launcher instead focusing only on Tweet Lanes.

Action Launcher is a homescreen replacement app for Android. What sets it apart is how it naturally fits into Android’s existing interface. A preview of Action Launcher given to Android Central shows how Lacy moved the position of basic Android functions to be more easily accessible. For example, the apps menu has been moved from the bottom middle of the screen to the top left. When you touch on the menu, all of your apps will be presented in a vertically scrolling fashion without ever leaving the homescreen. It reminds me of the sidebar that appears in the YouTube app when you swipe to the right. There are also persistent buttons for the menu Google Play and Google Search.

Much like Tweet Lanes, Action Launcher is clean, simple and loyal to Android’s design guidelines.

Action Launcher isn’t available yet, but Lacy will be looking for beta testers in about a week. It’ll be released in both a free and premium version. The fate of Tweet Lanes isn’t known yet, but we will learn soon enough.

Source [Android Central]

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