You can now request a refund for any money that you had on your Google pre-paid card

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As we were expecting to happen, those Google Prepaid Cards disappeared from Google Wallet yesterday. And when they went away, so did any remaining balance. But on that note, there is a way for you to get it back. You will be waiting for a while, up to 8 weeks actually, but the important part is that you can get it back. In fact, Google will send it back in the form of a physical pre-paid debit card or as a check. That aside though, those looking to get a refund can surf on over to the link at the bottom of this post and fill out the required form. Google will expect you to know (or find) some details about your device such as the Device ID, IMEI and MEID. The form is short and simple and even offers help as to where to find the information you are unsure about. So go, go get your refund.

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