ISPs are getting ready to launch their Copyright Alert System to discourage piracy

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In July of 2011, it was revealed that major internet service providers teamed with the Center for Copyright Information to create a new service called the Copyright Alert System. This system is designed to seek out users who download content illegally and present them with options designed to discourage them from doing it again. Today, the CCI said this copyright system will be turned on within the next two months.

Here’s how it works. If your ISP catches you downloading copyrighted material illegally, they will send you an alert basically saying they’ve caught you. No overt actions will be taken at first, but repeated offenses can result in a temporary slowdown in your internet connection speeds. ISPs can also send you educational materials in the hopes that you’ll start using legal services.

The one thing ISPs can’t do is cut off your internet access. Time will tell if these slaps on the wrist will be effective.

Source [Center for Copyright Information]

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