Google confirmed: Carrier billing will soon be available for Verizon Wireless customers

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Coming as a confirmation to some of the recent rumors, those using an Android device with Verizon Wireless will soon have the option to bill any Play store purchases to their wireless account. The details are coming by way of the official +GooglePlay page where the note the following;

“Listen up +Verizon Wireless customers: Pay for Google Play apps, books, movies, music, magazines and more right on your Verizon phone bill. Look for “Bill my Verizon Wireless account” as a payment option when shopping in the Google Play Store on your phone or tablet.”

No set date was given as to when this will be available for all customers. At this time it was noted that it will be rolling out over the next “couple of weeks.” Bottom line, if you are looking to carrier bill your Play store purchases, just keep an on out during the checkout process when making any purchases moving forward.

While this is a nice option to see come available, I plan to continue to paying for my Play store purchases as I have to avoid any end of month surprises on my Verizon bill.

Via [Google Play]

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