Samsung’s new $249 Chromebook will also be available with 3G connectivity for $329

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We mentioned the new (and low priced) Samsung Chromebook yesterday, and well, it looks like there will also be a second variety of that notebook. Originally the Chromebook was announced as a Wi-Fi connected notebook for $249. Except there is also a product listing on Amazon for a 3G capable model. This one is priced at $329 and includes 100MB of free mobile broadband (on Verizon) for two years. Of course, there is also the option to subscribe to, and pay for additional monthly allowance. Otherwise, the 3G capable Samsung Chromebook sports the same specs and features of the $249 model detailed yesterday. Finally, just like the $249 model, you can also pre-order the $329 3G model at this time.

Via [Amazon] and [The Verge]

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