Newsweek announces a digital only future

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Newsweek magazine has announced it will go out of print as of December 31st and exist solely as a digital publication. The weekly news magazine has been publishing for 80 years but has struggled to keep readers in recent years. Today’s 24/7 news cycle is largely to blame and has taken a toll on newspapers as well. In January it will debut as Newsweek Global, which the company says will target a “highly mobile” audience looking for a “sophisticated context”.  There’s no word on what the subscription model will look like.

Digital seems to be the wave of the future for magazines and newspapers thanks to the ever growing popularity of tablets, smartphones, and e-readers. I subscribe to 15 magazines and only two of them are the print version. It’s just easier and more convenient to tote them around on my tablet and it saves a lot of space. Do you enjoy digital subscriptions? Are you a diehard paper lover? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

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