doubleTwist Player for Android now allows you to share over Facebook and Twitter

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The folks at doubleTwist have recently announced a new feature, social sharing. This change covers the doubleTwist Player on Android and means users will be able to share what they are listening to on Facebook and Twitter. The sharing seems simple enough, from the app you can tap on the music icon in the lower right corner (on the now playing screen) and be given the option to share on Facebook, Twitter or both. The details will be sent to the appropriate social network where your friends and followers will see details to include the artist’s bio, concert dates, news and the corresponding music video. The details are provided by doubleTwist partners, The Echo Nest and 7Digital. With that, those using doubleTwist on Android can grab this latest update by way of Google Play.

Via [doubleTwist Blog] and [Google Play]

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