Huawei Boltz modem launches with Cricket, becomes their first 4G device

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We know that Cricket has already begun (albeit on a very limited basis) their 4G LTE network roll-out. And well, it looks ike their first device has come available — a 4G LTE USB modem. The modem is the Huawei Boltz and it is priced at $149.99. That being said, while nice to see Cricket offer a 4G LTE device, the Boltz is not all that fancy of a modem. It is a USB-stick style device with a hinged neck and microSD card slot. Anyway, if you are a Cricket user and happen to be in one of their few 4G LTE covered locations — the Boltz is a device that may be of interest to you.

Via [Cricket] and [SlashGear]

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