DODOcase HARDcover now available for the Kindle Paperwhite

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If you happen to have a Kindle Paperwhite and are a fan of the DODOcase, you may be happy to learn that there is now an available option for you. Simply put, the DODOcase HARDcover is now available for the Paperwhite. The case is priced at $34.95 and similar to other DODOcase offerings, is available with the option to customize. Those making the purchase can choose between red, blue, purple and black on the inside and even add up to three stamped letters on the front cover. Otherwise, the DODOcase HARDcover is, as the name would imply, a hard cover case. The DODOcase is described as being a cover that “provides the familiarity of a book” with the “protection of a cover.”

Via [DODOcase] and [Twitter]

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