Skype for Windows 8 announced by Microsoft

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With Windows 8 getting ready to launch, it almost goes without saying that we are going to begin seeing more apps getting announced. And well, it looks like one of the latest is Skype. The app, appropriately dubbed Skype for Windows 8 is described as being fast, easy and beautiful. That bit aside though, Skype for Windows 8 will have a “full-screen immersive and uncluttered” experience. Perhaps a bit nicer though, Skype for Windows 8 will have a live tile which means you will be able to see goodies such as missed calls and new messages without having to actually launch the app. There will also be integration with the People app and the ability to snap Skype side-by-side with other Windows 8 apps. Bottom line here, Skype has designed this release with Windows 8 in mind and those planning to upgrade to (or already using) Windows 8 should simply be happy that an updated release will be available. Skype for Windows 8 will launch in October 26 and will be found in the Windows Store.

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