My iPhone sleeps next to me in bed

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If you read into the title you would most likely assume that my smartphone goes everywhere with me. That of course would be a correct statement. In fact, it is usually no more than 2-3 feet away. And when the phone is away, the most common reason would be to shower or a dead battery. Granted, I do have a waterproof case, however I have found that I can put my phone down while showering and not go into withdrawals. Enough shower talk though, here is a day in the life of my smartphone.

But first, for those who may be wondering, my current smartphone is the iPhone 4S. I was sporting two lines for a while, but I dropped and broke my Galaxy S III and instead of replacing that, I am in a holding pattern to fill that second slot with a Galaxy Note II. Current devices aside, this post is not about any particular smartphone, but about my addiction to smartphones in general.

Beginning first with the title, my iPhone sleeps next to me in bed. Indeed it does as it serves as both my alarm clock and also my sleep monitor. I use the default Clock app as a backup alarm with my primary being the alarm in MotionX: Sleep. This app also serves to track my sleep habits — hence the reason why the phone sleeps in bed next to me. I have discussed this app before and it shows me my sleep patterns and gently wakes me in the morning.

From the point of waking up, my phone goes with me to the kitchen to get some coffee. While waiting for the coffee to brew I refresh my feeds in Downcast. Once the coffee is ready I head to my home office to begin working, and I listen to Slacker — using my iPhone with some headphones.

You can likely see where this is going already…

To sum this up without boring you — my phone is next to me all day, every day with one exception — dinner. Dinner is family time and that means no phones. Otherwise, I use my phone for just about everything, except well, phone calls. I rarely make (or take) those. I do message often though. My apps of choice include Runkeeper, Evernote, Camera+ and Instagram as well as Slacker, Downcast and Audible. I use Facebook and Tweetbot for social networking. Heck, I even keep track of beers using Untappd.

Bottom line here, it is safe to say that I am addicted to my smartphone. How about you, have an addiction you are willing to admit?

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