Runkeeper for iPhone update brings a Me tab, a Friends tab, workout reminders and more

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Runkeeper, one of my favorite and most often used apps has recently been updated. The update comes for the iPhone version of the app, which has been brought up to version 2.8. And in short, the folks at Runkeeper have added some worthwhile features this time around. The update brings goodies including a Me tab and a Friends tab along with new in-app notifications and workout reminders. And just in case those were not enough, there are still a few more. But first, lets touch on these already mentioned as they seem the most exciting of the bunch.

  • Me tab: Compare your current activity data against your recent past, view all of your personal records, and check progress against your goals. 
  • Friends tab: Add friends right from the app, compete against your friends to reach the top of your leaderboard, and message friends that are inactive.
  • Workout Reminders: Schedule reminders for yourself right after you finish an activity to keep on top of your fitness. 
  • In-app Notifications: View and respond to friend requests and friend messages right from the Start screen.

Otherwise, the remaining changes included an updated Save Workout screen, updated Facebook integration, improved stability for those using heart rate tracking in iOS6 and some unspecified “bug fixes and stability improvements.” All said and done, if you are looking for an app that tracks and monitors your endurance workout progress — you may want to consider Runkeeper.

Via [Runkeeper Blog] and [iOS App Store]

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