Google Wallet now available for Galaxy S III users with MetroPCS

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Some good news for those who happen to be sporting a MetroPCS branded Galaxy S III, well, good news assuming you were hoping to begin making in-store payments using your smartphone. It seems Google Wallet has recently come available. The news comes by way of the official @googlewallet Twitter account where they note the they are “happy to announce that @metroPCS now supports Google Wallet!”

The Google Wallet app can be downloaded from within the Google Play store and from there, you will then need to set up your Wallet account. You know, add in a credit card so those purchases will go through. For me, I use my banks debit card. For those yet to mess with Google Wallet, the account setup is easy enough, the harder part will come in finding places where you can use it. You can however look for the MasterCard PayPass terminals in stores.

Via [Twitter @googlewallet]

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