Hulu Plus app announced for Windows 8

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Some good news for Hulu Plus users considering the purchase of a Windows 8 device — an app has been announced and will be available upon the release of Windows 8. The details coming from the Hulu Blog note that the app will be available beginning on October 26 and things seem to focus heavily on design and the new Windows user interface. In fact, it was noted that the Hulu “team has been heads down building a gorgeous new Hulu Plus app that is optimized for the Windows user interface.” Perhaps more important though, the app includes what is being described as “a few new goodies.”

According to the details provided, the new Hulu Plus Windows 8 app has been optimized for the touch experience and features a simple and clean user interface. Users can expect a tile-based view (similar to Windows 8) that is said to make it easy to find the content you want to watch as well as discover new content, add something to your queue and even do some sharing. Otherwise, the app also brings a new feature, one called “Pin.” This allows users to get access to their favorite shows directly from the Start screen. This means you can be notified of, and begin watching new episodes even quicker.

That all being said, the Hulu Plus for Windows 8 app will be available in the Windows Store and also preloaded on select Acer and Sony computers. Finally, a subscription to Hulu Plus will be required and will set you back $7.99 per month.

Via [Hulu Blog]

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