Amazon details the Kindle Fire HD software update, notes the arrival of “Free Time” parental controls

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Amazon has detailed and released a software update for the Kindle Fire HD. And this is one that parents will likely want to grab. The update, which brings the software version number to 7.1.5 brings a new feature called FreeTime. This will do two things — allow the parent to limit the time the kids have to play and also control some of what they see and can do. The latter comes in the form of parental filters and should keep your kids from seeing things they shouldn’t. Otherwise, Amazon notes that the update will “optimize performance and functionality” This update, as we often see with Amazon devices, will be available over-the-air and by way of the Amazon website (for those who prefer to download and transfer over USB). That being said, those with a Kindle Fire HD in hand, follow the Amazon link below to get the update.

Via [Amazon] and [Liliputing]

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