Google begins teasing new versions of Google Wallet, hints at support for the iPhone

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Google has recently updated the site for Wallet and are teasing the next version. Those interested are able to request an invite which means they may be able to begin playing a bit ahead of time. The interesting part here, those clicking on the “request an invite” link are presented with a screen that asks which phone they are using. Or more specifically, which kind of phone you use most. The interesting part here, Google is not asking which Android device you use, but which mobile OS you use. They have it broken down by Android, iPhone and Other. That aside though, you will need to login to your Google account to actually request and invite and from that point, those choosing the iPhone will be greeted with a standard sounding message that reads as follows;

“We’ve received your request. We will send your invite to [yourusername] when it’s ready.”

In addition, Google then invites you to “get a head start and set up your Google Wallet online.” Bottom line, fingers are crossed but it looks like Google may be bringing Wallet to iOS. Or at the very least, trying to judge the demand for Wallet on the iPhone. Of course, that will likely come with the same catches the Android version does — carrier blocking.

Via [Business Insider]

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