Apple adds a special event channel on the Apple TV, means you can stream today’s special event

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Apple seems to have quietly released a new channel for the Apple TV. Said channel is called “Apple Events” and it seems to have arrived just in time for the special event that will be kicking off later this morning at 10AM PST (1:00PM EST). A click on the channel will offer the option to stream the “little more to show you” event today or watch some of the previous events. It looks like Apple has options to watch events dating back to June 2011. Otherwise, as pointed out by the folks over at BGR, you can also grab your iOS device, launch Mobile Safari and surf on over to this link. Of course, we would be remise if we didn’t mention our sister site, AppleTell. They will be live blogging the event today and while you are waiting for everything to begin — they have already offered up a thorough ‘what to expect’ style post.

Via [MacRumors]

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