Apple by the numbers; 200 million devices upgraded to iOS 6, more than 300 billion iMessages have been sent and more

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Apple has kicked off their latest press event, you know, the one where the iPad mini is likely to be announced. Of course, that is only one item on the agenda for today. Apple also has some other topics ready for discussion. Some of the other topics include an update to iBooks (coming later today), a new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display and one we find interesting — the numbers. Some of the goodies that Apple mentioned include having more than 200 million devices running iOS 6 — an update that was just rolled-out one month earlier. Of course, that is just the beginning and some of the other highlights include the following (and are in no particular order);

  • More than 300 billion iMessages have been sent
  • 35 billion apps have been downloaded to date
  • 700,000 available apps in the iOS App Store, 275,000 of which are for the iPad
  • 125 million documents have been uploaded to iCloud in the previous year
  • 70 million photos have been shared using Photo Stream
  • The iBookstore has served up more than 400 million downloads
  • There are more than 160 million Game Center accounts
  • More than 3 million iPods (including the touch and nano) have been sold since launch
  • 5 million iPhone 5’s were sold during the launch weekend

With that, we look forward to learning more about what Apple has in-store for today, including an updated iMac lineup and a new Mac Mini.

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