GadgeTell Review: California Headphone Company Silverado

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California Headphones Silverado, World War II-inspired headphones.

I’m old school – don’t really care much for ear-buds, so when I saw the opportunity to check out these cans, I did a Townshend “Windmill” in excitement. California Headphone Company from San Francisco, CA recently introduced the Silverado, World War II-inspired headphones.

The Silverado is “made with a commitment to deliver a live concert-like experience, by bringing vocals and acoustic instruments to the forefront, all at an affordable price.” They come in at $225.95, which is fair for a high-end headphone.

California Headphone Company

Built to last, constructed of metal and leather, these oversized headphones give the classic look of a World War II aviator’s headset. One of the most comfortable pair of over the ear styles I’ve ever worn, the soft leather ear-cups, 280 degree articulating hinges, padded headband and being light weight make it a pleasure to rock-out for hours.

Adding more style and fun is the zebra stitched exterior of the 3.9ft cord. The cord’s built-in splitter (Duo-jack technology) allows another to plug in and give a listen. The 3.5mm jacks are completely detachable from the headset. The fold down design and ability to disconnect the cord makes it more efficient to pack and store.

Seeing the nicely designed leather saddle bag packaging/case with magnetic closure and spring clip, I thought maybe they over spent on packaging and not enough on technology – boy was I wrong! The release says that California Headphones’ “Natural Vocal Centered audio technology uses metal sound chambers with 40mm drivers to create a rich, punchy sound signature that brings the vocals to the front, makes acoustic guitars resonate, and snare drums pop,” and they accomplished that natural concert mix.

Throughout the Eagles’ “Those Shoes”, the Silverado really handled both ends of the spectrum well with the heavy bass and the hi-hat cymbals. The vocals, snare and cymbals were crisp and clean on Yes’ ‘South Side of the Sky”.

After cranking up the volume, there was no noticeable distortion (THD <0.2%). Though not considered noise-canceling headphones, they do a great job at tackling background noises…ask my wife.

California Headphones Silverado

Tim Hickman, CEO at CHC says “We achieved an impressive sound quality through innovative engineering that targets the enhancement of sound in rock, country and alternative music, which delivers an overall improved listening experience, along with a sleek comfortable fit.” Well, California Headphone nailed it on a live concert-like sound, they nailed it on comfort, and I believe they nailed it on style.

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Disclaimer: The California Headphones Silverado was provided to GadgeTell for the purpose of this review. 

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