GadgeTell Review: Soundfreaq Sound Rise SFQ-05 Wireless Speaker with Alarm Clock

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Soundfreaq Sound Rise Alarm Dock

Priced at $100, Soundfreaq’s Sound Rise can be viewed as either an expensive alarm clock or a relatively cheap iHome speaker. If all you are looking for is a way to wake up in the morning, stick with using your smartphone alarm. If you’re in the market for a new home speaker, however, the Sound Rise is a quality piece with added perks.

Packaging and Desgin

Soundfreaq’s Sound Rise comes in a sleek black and white cardboard box, which depicts the device and lists its many features. Inside the package is a wall charger and a spacer pad. Sound Rise comes with a one-year warranty.

Once it’s out of the box, it’s easy to see why Soundfreaq boasts that they designed the speaker from the “ground up.” It’s a small stereo tower built in an upright design to take up minimal space on a nightstand. I like that the speaker is taller than it is wide; I usually jam too much onto my nightstand, so I welcome this space-saving design. Sound Rise comes in all black, except for the white letters of the digital alarm clock. It would be nice to see the speaker in more color options. My bedroom and nightstand are colored in pastels, so the bold black of the speaker looks unattractive next to the softer background.

Sound Rise comes with a charing dock for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad, and a USB port for Android devices and other mobile phones. The downside is that Sound Rise has an Apple 30-pin dock connector, making it obsolete with the release of the iPhone 5. I’m thinking, however, that most users with older iPhone models or an Android (like me) will still find the charging station functional.

Did you forget about the digital alarm clock yet? Soundfreaq has created a “reimagined alarm clock interface.” The digital clock is lit with easy-to-see backlit touch buttons, and the screen’s brightness is adjustable. I really like the fact that I can dim the clock’s brightness; nothing is more annoying than trying to sleep with a glaring screen reminding you it’s almost time to wake up.

Ease of Use

Setting up the digital clock, the two daily alarms, weekend alarms, dates, bluetooth pairings, FM/AM radio pre-sets, USB connector, and all of your music devices is easy – once you read the directions.

Each of the many (I mean many) uses of the Sound Rise can be accessed through the digital interface’s buttons, but you need to know which button to press, how many times to press it, and you need to do it all before the “Source” button flips to another device option. It can be frustrating at first trying to get everything situated, but once you actually crack open those pesky directions you can figure it out in a few tries.

Sound Quality

Sound Rise has good sound in a small package. The bass eminates from the sides and bottom, and once you turn the volume past 18 you can start getting that “thumping” effect. The sound is punchy and crisp. It’s definitely not surround, but good quality all the same.

Soundfreaq Sound Rise Alarm Dock

Final Verdict

Soundfreaq’s Sound Rise is a tiny speaker with a lot going on – maybe too much. If you want a digital alarm clock, don’t reach for this pricey all-in-one device. If you’re looking for a speaker with all of the bells and whistles, then Sound Rise is a nice option.

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Disclaimer: Soundfreaq Sound Rise was provided to GadgeTell for the purpose of this review.

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