Attention iPad 3 owners; how about stopping with this ‘obsolete’ crap

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Apple introduced a new iPad today, no, not the iPad mini — the fourth generation model is the one that seems to have caused the most commotion. It seems iPad 3 owners are feeling a bit burned. And you know what, I think it is absolutely hilarious. Reading the angry tweets from these users has almost made my afternoon. Seriously, I had a rough day and these provided me with some serious comic relief. Thanks.

That said, lets look at the word that is being thrown around — obsolete. Merriam-Webster defines the word obsolete as follows;

  • a : no longer in use or no longer useful, an obsolete word
  • b : of a kind or style no longer current : old-fashioned, an obsolete technology

I will give you some credit here as the definition sort of fits, but keep reading because I hope to anger later in the post. Let us take a look at A, the iPad 3 is no longer being produced, but that does not mean it is any less useful as compared to yesterday. Moving over to B, sure your model is no longer current (the newest), but again, it still works just as good as it did yesterday.

You know what, this is what I think — if you are upset and now consider your iPad 3 junky and obsolete — you are greedy. This is what can be described as a first-world problem. In other words, there is no problem. You are just mad that you no longer have the latest model.

I am still rocking an original 3G iPad and sure, it was a little disappointing that it did not get upgraded to iOS 6 and sure Apple has long since stopped producing it — but it still works just as good as the day I bought it. In fact, it works better than the day I bought it because it has received software updates since the day I bought it.

So yes, by definition you may have an obsolete model, but that is total crap and you need to get over it.

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  • russ aisthorpe

    I rather think its apple who are the greedy ones, mr.sycophant of the year .

  • Jason Yeaman

    It certainly is a funny part of digital culture.

    As the owner of all iPad generations (sans mini and Gen 4), I’m actually impressed that apple gave a tech refresh to the iPad 3. Whe I would like the uProcessor that’s in my iPhone 5 to also be in my ipad3, I’m certainly not angry that devices get updated with better logic as time goes on.

    It was disclosed that the benchmarks for the 3 would be similar to the 2 at the keynote. The center feature point of the 3 was the display…and that is why I picked up the 3.

    This will be the first time in 3 years that I’m not going to pick up an upgraded mobile device from apple, however. I may pick up a mini (I bought a nexus 7 and lost it in the house somewhere) as soon as I find my nexus 7 and trade it in.

    I will be getting a MBP13+Ret to replace my 2008 MBP17 for sure.

    All in all, this is a great move forward by the folks in Cupertino.

  • Marshall Walker

    Double burn as my Ipad 3 runs so hot it has to be in a full cover (not to mention the ridiculous 4 hour battery life – yes it may not be the norm but lets see if the heat issues has been rectified. If the Ipad 4 runs cooler I would move up in a heartbeat.

  • Dan

    This move by Apple caused the iPad 3’s value to depreciate $100-$150 overnight, hurting any potential trade-ins. I think people like myself who bought a “new iPad” 3 weeks ago and had no clue they were going to do a spec bump this soon HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE PISSED. Come off the high horse, junior.

    • scott

      wrong wrong wrong wrong ….return to store for FULL credit….duh

  • Jack

    Apple completely screwed the people who bought the iPad 3. Not just with the iPad 4th generation annoucement, but by completely taking the iPad 3 off its product line and selling a refurbished model for $150 less, making it impossible to resale on Ebay for people who want to. They have never done that before.

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  • Mary

    Apple sold 14 million IPad 3 this past quarter with an unscientific poll saying half were angry about the release of IPad 4 within such a short time. With the increase competition with tablets can Apple afford to anger millions of customers? I tend to think this will be a significant Apple error for these customers who will look at competitors for their next tablet purchase. Myself included.