Apple introduces a new Smart Cover for the iPad mini

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Still remember the iPad smart cover? Well, together with the announcement of the soon-to-be released iPad Mini, Apple has also updated the iPad Smart Cover reducing its size to fit the new iPad Mini. The new iPad Mini Smart Cover has just popped out on the Apple Store and you can grab one to go with your iPad Mini for $39. Said Smart Cover is available in various colors as well, just like the bigger version for the regular-sized iPad. It also serves to protect the iPad mini’s screen and turns off/wakes up the iPad mini upon open and close. It’s basically the same Smart Cover that Apple introduced before with one slight difference and that is the fact that it does away with the metal on its hinge. Without this metal, the smart cover’s color now wraps the tablet. If you’re getting the iPad mini, the Apple Smart Cover will be a good accessory to have to go along with your upcoming tablet.

Via [Apple Store]

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