The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II will begin shipping October 24th, from Wirefly

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The official word from T-Mobile is that the Galaxy Note II is “coming soon.” We have seen rumors and speculation calling for an October 24th release, however we have yet to see that confirmed by the carrier. And well, while we have yet to get word direct from T-Mobile, we can say that the handset will begin shipping tomorrow. As for the ability to order, that will begin tonight at midnight. The one catch here, this is all coming by way of Wirefly. Of course, we here at GadgeTell love Wirefly. In fact, I have used them several times in the past with good results. That aside though, Wirefly has yet to offer a price stating only that “it will most certainly be cheaper than Tmo.” Bottom line, if you want a T-Mobile Galaxy Note II and cannot wait any longer than necessary — plan to be awake at midnight to place that order.

Via [Wirefly (Marble White Galaxy Note II)] and [Wirefly (Titanium Gray Galaxy Note II)]

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