Recent 3rd-generation iPad buyers may be eligible for an exchange from Apple

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It seems Apple is allowing some users to exchange their recently purchased third-generation iPad for a newer model. The catch here, this is not something that every iPad 3 owner will be able to take advantage of. In fact, Apple typically has a 14-day return policy on these devices which means that if you made the purchase within the last two weeks — you should visit an Apple Store and get the newest device. That seems to go without saying.

The interesting part here is that it looks like at least some Apple retail stores are offering iPad 3 owners the ability to exchange for a fourth-generation if they made purchase within the past month. CNET is reporting that the Stockton Street store in San Francisco will “allow purchasers of the third-generation iPad to exchange their device for the fourth-generation iPad if purchased within the last 30 days.” The one catch, the iPad cannot have any “serious signs of wear-and-tear.” That being the case, if you purchased an iPad 3 in the past 30 days — we suggest you give your local Apple Store a call and check their policy.

Via [CNET]

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