Don’t panic, your first generation Nexus 7 is still plenty useful

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I wanted to get this out ahead of Google’s big event next week. It’s during this event that we expect Google to either discontinue or reduce the price of the 16GB Nexus 7. It has already been proven that 32GB Nexus 7 models will be widely available soon. It also appears that the 8GB Nexus 7 will be laid to rest. Early adopters of these models may feel a little burned by this, but it’s not as bad as it seems.

Much like GadgeTell editor-in-chief Robert Nelson said earlier this week about 4th gen iPad, I believe the “old” Nexus 7 models are just as useful as ever. Google most likely won’t change much about the new Wi-Fi model besides a bump in storage capacity. It’s not like Google has much of a choice either. Back in June, $199 for a 8GB Nexus 7 was perfectly reasonable. We all thought the storage was limiting, but that price couldn’t be beat. But now, we’ve seen Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple raise the minimum storage bar to 16GB. Google has to keep up with the competition and unfortunately, us early adopters have to take the short end of the stick. It’s a bummer for sure, but as long as Google keeps supporting all of its Nexus 7 models with updates, everything will be fine.

Maybe that’s not good enough for you. Maybe you just can’t stand the thought of paying $199 for an 8GB device when you could have waited a few months and got double the storage for the same price. I feel your pain, but you do have options. I’ve sang the praises of the Kingston Wi-Drive a few times on GadgeTell as a great way to store and stream content to your Nexus 7. If you want to save even more money, there is a fantastic app in Google Play called Nexus Media Importer that lets you stream movies, music and photos to your Nexus 7 from a USB storage device. You don’t even need to be rooted. All you need is a $5 USB OTG cable and the app itself which sells for $2.99. You may not be able to save apps to the flash drive, but you’ll have as much space as you need for multimedia content.

Don’t regret your Nexus 7 purchase. It is still the best darn Android tablet ever released.

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  • tim

    I have purchased the USB cable for $0.85 on amazon and the app mentioned works great, plus don’t forget about the $0.25 sale Google play had that allowed early nexus 7 owners a change for some great deals.

  • Rick Ohnsman

    You can’t just wait and never buy anything because something better might be just around the corner. That will always be the case in electronics. I’ve had my 16gb Nexus 7 since July and have no regrets. I’ve had a ball with it in that time and am quite happy I didn’t wait.

  • Richard

    Big surprise I’d like 32 G. However with a little self discipline and thoughtful management 16 works well.

  • ed

    Hey, I just bought it three weeks ago and now my 8gb is obsolete? I would be even more pissed if they lower the price. This thing can’t even run the Transformer movie that came with it. It was supposed to be so advance they left out alleged dated Flash so most websites do not even work on it! it hangs all the time… now I’m gonna sell it quick for a $100 loss. Thanks Google-

    • Christopher

      If you Google about it is still possible to install the flash apk, although adobe have dropped support for android. Last time I checked mine played the transformer movie it might be your internet connection is running a bit slow. Its a bit of a bummer about the 32gb model coming out as I just purchased the 16gb model but anything purchased/installed from Google play is kept tabs on so can uninstalled and installed at a later date, no a ideal solution but a solution none the less.

  • rb

    I just purchased my Nexus 7 early in September. This sucks. I understand things improve, but just a month and a half after I purchased my Nexus.
    I know there are greater tragedies in life but this leaves a bitter taste. Way to go Google.

  • Christopher

    I’ve got my Linux laptop running a sftp server and the nexus 7 connecting to that with ES file explorer works great even streams movies with mobo player 😉

  • Zorak

    Its unfair against Nexus 7 owner.
    GOOGLE should give 8 and 16 GB Nexus owner 50 € back,. IF they don’t make me a fair offer. i will sold my nexus on ebay.
    AND then i will buy a Ipad Mini.

    • Louis

      What to say man? We all welcomed nexus 7 with surprise when we identified all tablet manufacturers were exploiting us with big prices. Who dreamt of such a beautiful tablet with this much hardware muscle? Any finally Google beats all their hands down. Almost all tablet manufacturers amazon, nook, Samsung etc reduced prices to survive. Even Apple smells danger and soon releases iPad mini! Google has to reduce prices of already released versions, sell new models for old versions’ prices in order to GRP and dominate in the market.

      Me too a proud owner of 8gb nexus 7 bought from US through my friends with out reading any reviews since we know Google cares. I planned to buy iberry”s ax01 because of budget constraints. We cannot complain we knew nexus 7 does not have memory card slot, discontinued adobe flash and no external file system writeable mounting and finally we bought it. We knew however these flaws are not deal breakers because of the amazing hardware configuration.

      ​We are not forsaken until Google supports us with OS updates regularly. Maybe in future Google may be release an OS update with writeable flash drive support.

      • Christopher

        Writeable flash drive support can be done with USB on the go cable, rooted nexus 7 and app called stickmount

  • Jyhmin

    Owner of 8gb version. Use splastop, amazing app

  • tim

    No root needed…nexus media import app works well with USB cable. The splash top app is okay if the computers are on the same network….try using teamviewer app.

    • Christopher

      It only works for media files, if you want full USB hard drive file access for all file type its root and stick mount, I’ve never used splash top because I’m a tightass and VNC is free takes a bit more setting up with windows but Linux already supports on the computer end.

  • JC

    I bought a 7 16GB the end Sept. I even got the Transformer movie and $25 at Play. I pushed 4.1.2 which was a great accomplishment for me. Once installed it was about a day before my movies worked properly and 3 days for the Trans movie worked perfectly.
    I bought the 7 cause I can’t worship at the House of Job nor spend that kind of money for IPad or Surface.
    Hopefully my spending will help the Google, Android and Open market. That’s how I am looking at the situation.
    I wanted to see if a 7 inch tablet was for me. As I look back I may have bought a 4 and used it as a tablet, not a cellphone addict, and bought a 10 inch Asus.
    My 7 does what I need and what of it. I am happy with price paid and would love Asus giving me say $25 gift card to Play cause I bought when I did.
    Waiting for 4.2 so I can push it.

    • christopher

      I had a 10″ inch ASUS, it was to big for one handed use for the Nexus 7 is the ideal size.