Verizon Wireless now accepting Samsung Galaxy Note 2 pre-orders

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Verizon Wireless today has opened up the pre-order page for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. If you will recall, right after the device was launched on Wednesday, both Sprint and T-Mobile went ahead and announced their respective launch details. For whatever reason, Verizon did not ride into the hype and did not announce details about their Galaxy Note 2 deal. Until now, as the carrier is accepting pre-orders on the handset with a promised delivery starting November 27. The date is still tentative and might be pushed earlier. Verizon is offering the Galaxy Note 2 for $299 and it comes with a two-year contract. If you prefer to get the device alone, be prepared to spend $699 for the full retail price of the device. If you want to be assured of a Verizon Galaxy Note 2, might as well hit the via link below. But wait before you do that, take a closer look at the attached photo of the Galaxy Note 2 above which we got from the pre-order page. As you can see, Verizon has put its name on the handset’s home button. So, if that turns you off, you might want to consider getting the device from Sprint or T-Mobile.

Via [Droid Life], [Verizon Wireless]

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