Amazon updates its Kindle iOS app, adds x-ray technology and other new features

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The iOS devices maybe Apple’s turf but that will not stop Amazon from improving its own Kindle app for iOS. And they just did it by releasing a fresh update to the app, this time bringing some new features that will make the mobile app more in tune with Kindle devices. So, first of the new features is the new font called Caecilia. This is the default font used in Kindle devices. The Publisher font was also added which means that you can now read books in the font set or suggested by the book’s publishers for their books. Lastly, the app also now has the X-Ray technology which is currently available for textbooks. Again, this is another feature which was taken from Kindle devices. X-Ray for Textbooks provides you with a means to instantly access terms and concepts in a particular book including glossary definitions, links to relevant textbook pages as well as related contents from Wikipedia and YouTube.

The Kindle iOS app is available now as a free download from the iOS App Store.

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