Verizon Wireless ups the contract-free price on the refurbished Galaxy Nexus

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A few days back we mentioned a rather sweet deal on the Verizon Wireless Galaxy Nexus. Well, specifically, for the refurbished Galaxy Nexus with Verizon. The carrier had them priced at a contract-free $229.99. And having thought about this handset myself, I was ready to pull the trigger and upon visiting the Verizon website to begin my purchase, I found something that changed my mind — a serious increase in price. Verizon is now selling the refurbished Galaxy Nexus for $449.99. Suddenly this deal does not sound so sweet. In fact, it is pretty bad as the contract-free price for the refurbished units is only $50 less as compared to new. Not to mention the contract pricing, both the refurbished and new handsets are going for $49.99 on a two-year agreement. That all being said, if anyone was like myself and considering the purchase, your time to react at $229.99 has passed.

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