3G Nexus 7 discovered in FCC filing

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We had been hearing chatter of a 3G-enabled Nexus 7 tablet, and well, it is beginning to look like that will be something announced by Google come October 29th. Time will tell just how accurate that will prove to be, but in the meantime — the latest evidence supporting this theory has arrived in the form of an FCC filing. The filing, discovered by the folks at The Digital Reader, shows a Nexus 7 with a model number of ME370TG. And just to make the comparison between this and the currently available model, the current model is ME370T — the same minus the end G. Finally, according to the filing, the cellular connected Nexus 7 is sporting the following in terms of connectivity — GSM 850/900, WCDMA Band II, IV and V.

Via [FCC] and [The Digital Reader]

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