SwiftKey Flow could lure users away from Swype

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SwiftKey is the preferred third-party keyboard of choice for many Android users. The accuracy of SwiftKey’s prediction software can be downright scary at times. The keyboard also keeps evolving. Soon, a new version of SwiftKey called SwiftKey Flow will be released into beta. SwiftKey Flow also happens to be a direct swipe at Swype.

SwiftKey Flow will let you glide your finger across the keyboard to create words instead of tapping individual keys. Swiping causes a purple line that follows your gestures while SwiftKey Flow predicts the words you’re trying to spell. If you’re not a fan of gestures, SwiftKey Flow will also let you input text by tapping. It’s the best of both worlds really.

The concept behind SwiftKey Flow certainly isn’t new, but it has the potential to take users away from Swype.

You can sign up for the SwiftKey Flow beta from its website. The beta will begin soon.

Source [SwiftKey]

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