Nexus 10 ‘Quick Start Guide’ appears ahead of official announcement

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An FCC filing for a cellular-connected Nexus 7 tablet was recently spotted, which added some evidence to an announcement on October 29th. And well, it looks like we have also seen a bit more evidence in terms of the big-brother tablet, the Nexus 10. The details for this have arrived in the form of a Quick Start Guide and by way of a Korean site called Seeko. Or more specifically, images of a Nexus 10 Quick Start Guide. That is the key here, these are nothing more than pictures taken of a manual which means that these could easily have been doctored up. Not to mention, even assuming they are the real deal, that does not mean that Google will announce this on the 29th. The part we are wondering about though, how many people are waiting for the Nexus 10? After all, it seemed that much of the hype surrounding the Nexus had to do with it being a 7-inch device. Of course, a Nexus 10 could be a nice addition to the Galaxy Note 2 that I recently pre-ordered with Verizon Wireless.

Via [Seeko] and [The Verge]

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