Google and T-Mobile cancel Monday’s events in New York

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The east coast of the United States is currently preparing to withstand Hurricane Sandy. The hurricane, which is expected to increase in severity as Monday goes on, has caused both Google and T-Mobile to postpone its respective media events. Both events will need to be rescheduled, but we don’t know what the new dates are at this time.

For now, we at GadgeTell would like to send our well wishes to anyone in the path of this storm. In the event power is disrupted, make sure you charge all your electronics as early as you can. Carriers have prepared emergency assistance equipment to aid as many people as possible affected by the storm. As usual, it’s a better idea to update your friends and loved ones of your situation by texting and updating your social networks. That way, the cellular networks won’t come under an unsustainable load. Stay safe out there.

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