Ubuntu now available for the Nexus 7

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We saw the teaser last week, and well, as we were expecting to happen — Ubuntu has come available for the Nexus 7. This release though, is probably not for everyone. Just to begin with, installing Ubuntu on your Nexus 7 will remove Jelly Bean. You will need an 8GB or 16GB Nexus 7 tablet and a computer with the Ubuntu Nexus 7 installer app. The process seems to be simple enough, with your tablet connected over USB you can launch the installer app and be guided through the process with a graphical user interface. Otherwise, as this is a regular build of Ubuntu, there are some issues that can be expected. A few items that are not working properly include automatic screen rotation and the camera. Not to mention some general bugs and smaller issues. Bottom line, if you want to play, you can now install Ubuntu on your Nexus 7. But for those who regularly use their Nexus 7 and want to keep playing with something that is stable – you should probably stick with Jelly Bean for now.

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