Google announces Android 4.2, the newest version of Jelly Bean

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Coming along with the announcement of the Nexus 10, Nexus 7 with mobile data, the 32GB Nexus 7 and the LG Nexus 4 — Google has officially announced the latest version of Jelly Bean. Yup, Android 4.2 has been announced and it will retain the Jelly Bean name. That aside though, Google will have these new devices running Android 4.2 upon launch. And for the million dollar question — when will other devices get 4.2? So far we have yet to see anything. That even includes the original Nexus 7. Of course, we suspect those with a Nexus 7 in hand will not be waiting all that long. We have yet to learn everything that will come with Android 4.2, however what we can tell you thus far includes the following; Photo Sphere, Gesture Typing, Miracast wireless display support.

Android 4.2—the simplest and smartest version of Android yet. Starting with the camera, we’ve reinvented the photo experience with Photo Sphere, which lets you capture images that are literally larger than life. Snap shots up, down and in every direction to create stunning 360-degree immersive experiences that you can share on Google+ with friends and family—or you can add your Photo Sphere to Google Maps for the world to see.

Android 4.2 brings other great goodies like Gesture Typing, which lets you glide your finger over the letters you want to type on the keyboard—it makes typing fast, fun and a whole lot simpler. Android 4.2 also adds support for Miracast wireless displays so you can watch movies, YouTube videos, and play games right on your HDTV wirelessly.

Via [Official Google Blog]

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