Evernote 5 for Mac gets teased [Video]

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Those using Evernote on a Mac appear to have a rather big update in the works. The update will arrive as Evernote 5 for Mac and is said to have been “redesigned with over 100 new features to be more beautiful, flexible, and powerful.” This updated release will bring a new left sidebar with goodies such as shortcuts, recent notes and dedicated buttons that let you access and organize notes how you like. Some of the other updates and changes include new Cards view, an updated Note editor, the ability to change a note’s location, keyboard shortcuts, a Map view, improved search, an Activity feed in the Notification Center for those running Mountain Lion and much much more. Bottom line here, if you are looking forward to, or curious about seeing Evernote 5 for Mac, you owe it to yourself to spend the (slightly more than) 2 minutes and watch the above video.

Via [Evernote]

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