Chrome Remote Desktop app update arrives with new features and as version 1.9.1271.42

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Google first announced the Chrome Remote Desktop app back in October of 2011 and while the news has been quiet on that front since, it looks like an update has recently arrived. The new version of the Chrome Remote Desktop app is sitting at version 1.9.1271.42. Perhaps more important though, this update has brought some new features. We should also point out that the beta tag has been removed. Otherwise, the app does what the name implies and allows you (the user) to remotely control another computer using Chrome. Some of the new features of Chrome Remote Desktop v1.9.1271.42 include the addition of a real time audio feed (on Windows) as well as the ability to copy-and-paste between your local and remote computers. That being said, if you were already using the app, make sure to grab the update. Those looking to check the app out for the first time — follow the Chrome Web Store link below to get started. And for those wondering, yes, the Chrome Remote Desktop app is free, both to download and to use.

Via [Google Chrome Blog] and [Chrome Web Store]

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