Vonage now offering pay-as-you-go calling cards

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The folks at Vonage have recently announced their latest product offering, calling cards. Or more specifically, pay-as-you-go calling cards that appear to be aimed at providing a better calling card. Vonage noted that according to an FCC Enforcement Advisory, international calling cards often have “undisclosed fees, unreliable service and higher-than-advertised rates.” And well, coming from that thought, Vonage has a calling card that they are describing as being “a new product that will answer the FCC’s call for a better calling card option.” Enter the Vonage Digital Calling Card.

“The Vonage Digital Calling Card is a pay-as-you-go calling card alternative available online through an easy-to-use self-service website. Its rates are, on average, 75 percent lower than those offered by home and wireless carriers3 on international calls, without the hidden fees often associated with calling cards. The Vonage Digital Calling Card can be used to call locations worldwide including popular destinations such as India, Mexico, Vietnam, South Korea and the U.K. Vonage Digital Calling Card customers will receive bonus calling credits with every purchase over $5.00. For example, customers will earn $10.00 in calling credits for each $25.00 purchase they make.”

Finally, for those wondering, you do not need to have Vonage home service to buy (or use) these digital calling cards.

Via [Vonage] and [GigaOm]

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