The Android 4.2 keyboard is available to download

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A version of the new Android 4.2 keyboard has been made publicly available thanks to Android Police. This keyboard looks similar to the default keyboard that has been around since Android 4.0, but it includes gesture typing. Basically, this is Google’s version of Swype for Android.

As Android Police points out, the keyboard can’t install on stock Android devices that haven’t been tampered with. However, if you’re running a modified version of Android such as HTC Sense, you can install the keyboard just as easily as any other non-market application.

This keyboard also looks slightly different than what Google showed on Monday. The predicted words are emboldened and don’t have a border around them. This suggests the keyboard is an older version than what will ship with Android 4.2. However, if you still want to see it in action, nothing is stopping you.

Source [Android Police]

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