Google said to be selling 1 million Nexus 7 tablets per month

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It is being reported that Nexus 7 tablet sales are nearing the 1 million per month milestone. The details are coming by way of a recent WSJ report which notes that;

“Sales of Google Inc. Nexus 7, made by Taiwan’s Asustek Computer Inc. are closing in on 1 million units a month, the Taiwanese maker revealed.”

Further details coming from Asus note that the Nexus 7 sales quickly climbed from 500,000 per month to, 600k, then 700k and the 1 million mark was for this previous month. In other words, it is sounding like Asus has seen 1 million in sales for one month at this time.

Of course, reaching that for one month or several months — that is still a fairly impressive figure. It should be interesting to see what happens moving forward though. After all, we have seen another (almost) 7-inch tablet announced — the iPad mini. Plus, Google has shaken things up by introducing the Nexus 10 and dropping the 8GB model of the Nexus 7 in favor of a 16GB and a 32GB model. And in our opinion, the new storage options (which kept the old pricing) make the Nexus 7 that much more appealing.

Via [WSJ]

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  1. “Closing in on one million”. Let’s hope they don’t mean “closing in” in the same way that Mitt Romney says Iran is one year closer to a nuclear bomb (i.e. it’s now 499 years away, whereas last year it was 500).