Google Play carrier billing now live for Verizon Wireless users

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We had known that Verizon Wireless was getting ready to support carrier billing within Google Play. In fact, that bit was confirmed earlier in the month. The one part we didn’t know — exactly when that support would arrive. Well, it looks like that day has come — Verizon Wireless customers can now bill their Google Play purchases to their wireless bill.

Those excited about using this will simply need to make sure they choose the “Bill my Verizon Wireless account” option the next time they make a purchase. Otherwise, those who not only don’t want to use it — but those who want to get rid of the option completely — you can visit this page on the Verizon website to learn how to disable the carrier billing option.

And finally, a bit of good news for those who are worried about going overboard with this new and easy-to-use payment method, you can rest assured in knowing that there is a $25 monthly limit on purchases.

Via [Droid-Life]

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